Author: Martí Rufí-Salís

Quantification is key to make grounded decisions. Stating that a chair, a house or even a country is performing better than another is not possible without quantifying a certain parameter, call it size, productivity or durability. Quantifying the sustainability of a system is no exception, but it…

Machteld Simoens, our newest Circulus team member, won first prize in the 2020 3MT Competition of the Graduate School for Environment, Society and Global Change. Curious about Machteld’s approach to studying sustainable packaging, her research goals, and the 3MT competition? Then read on and enjoy the video below!

“An 80.000…

Authors: Anran Luo, Hanna Helander & Machteld Simoens

Visual documentation from Seminar on Sustainable Economies by Jakob Kohlbrenner

As PhD colleagues in the interdisciplinary circular economy project Circulus, Hanna, Machteld, and I organized a seminar for early-career researchers working on alternative sustainable economy concepts such as circular, bio or low-carbon economy. Although we come from different disciplines and our research…

Author: Hanna Helander

In 2015, the European Commission launched “Closing the loop — An EU action plan for the Circular Economy”. It states that the circular economy will create jobs and “help avoid the irreversible damages caused by using up resources at a rate that exceeds the Earth’s capacity”. Sounds…

Authors: Sina Leipold & Anna Petit-Boix

After all the hype around the Game of Thrones finale, one particular line might stick in our minds. Quoting Tyrion Lannister, “there’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story”. We’re not going to discuss whether this was the best way of…

Author: Anna Petit-Boix

Storms, flooding, drought, pollution… Lately, the media are full of stories showing us how challenging it is for cities to manage environmental events. Behind the bad news though, there are also good news. Local authorities around the world are strongly committed to adapting cities to the changing…

Author: Marius Hohl

Given that nowadays even VOGUE Magazine publishes articles about Circular Economy, one can truly say the concept has become fashionable.

Circular economy stories

By the Chair of Societal Transition and Circular Economy of the University of Freiburg

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